10 Best Graphic Design Software
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Graphics designing software applications have been in existence since the 80s and 90s. These applications have been extensively evolving with changes in technology and now you can solve almost all types of graphic designing dilemma’s easily with greater choice and options. Here we will discuss the 10 best graphic design software applications that professionals use in everyday graphic design work.

Number # 10

Cinema 4D Prime

Cinema 4D Prime is a 3-D rendering, animating and modeling program that is extensively used in creation of movies and is a vital part of Hollywood. The reason why people opt for this application is because of its flexibility and compatibility with other applications. You can easily move objects from one program to the other (Element 3D).

Number # 9

Unity Pro 4

The ultimate and most essential game development engine is Unity Pro 4. If you take a look at the gaming industry you will find that every game design engineer uses Unity. From the most simple games developed for iOS & Android to the most advanced games designed for XBOX, PS and Wii you will find its use at some stage of the game development.

Number # 8

Adobe After Effects

This application is extensively used for creating visuals, movies and offers many choices with thousands of plugins. Moreover you can create your project in layers which is helpful in managing your project. You must have seen those initial credits in movies and videos on YouTube. Those items are made using Adobe After Effects.

Number # 7

Mudbox 2014

Mudbox is mostly known for its work on ‘Lord of the Rings trilogy’. It helped in redefining the 3D industry and digital arts. Mudbox is an extremely powerful software but comes with a hefty price tag. If you want to experience Mudbox then you can download its free trial. Mudbox was acquired by Auto Desk in 2007.

Number # 6

ZBrush 4R6

ZBrush revolutionized the industry in 2000 and was used in the development of ‘Lord of the Rings’. ZBrush introduced the term ‘sculpturing’ instead of ‘modeling’ and its major focus is on high resolution 3-D objects and visualization rather than on animations. It was used quite extensively in creating movies in the early 2000s.

Number # 5

Flash Pro CC

Flash was extensively used in the early days of the internet and is still quite popular however its usage has since gone down. Flash was owned by macromedia and then Adobe owned it later and worked on it extensively. These days Flash is used for developing some part of the games as well as for creating online advertisements.

Number # 4

3-D Max

The ultimate 3-D modeling program that has revolutionized the industry. This software application is used in almost every movie and game. Usually what happens is that software tries to catch up with hardware but in the Autodesk 3-D Max case it’s the opposite. This is considered to be one of the best software application and good designers have it in their skill set.

Number # 3


Maya was originally focused towards 3D animations but in 2005 it was acquired by AutoDesk and since its acquisition Maya has been developed extensively with improvements and new features. Maya has been used to develop many award winning movies and is considered to be among the best animation software application.

Number # 2

Adobe Illustrator CC

With number # 2 in the list Adobe Illustrator is a master piece software application which acts as the life line of the design industry. Whatever you imagine, Adobe Illustrator turns that imagination into amazing graphic illustrations. Moreover Adobe Illustrator CC offers the designers with endless possibilities and project assets.

Number # 1

Adobe Photoshop CC

At number # 1 we have Adobe Photoshop CC because it’s the best and has endless possibilities. Photoshop has evolved over a period of 25 years and it can do anything and everything. We recommend Photoshop CC over Photoshop CS6 because the creative cloud offers you tons of project assets for your subscription. Moreover its user interface and experience is rated the best and is the only essential tool that a designer must learn completely.

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There are a lot of graphic designing tools available to designers and based on the requirements the designer can select any of all types of these amazing but complex tools to create wondrous graphics. The designing software varies on the basis of features and requirements. If a designer wants to create a 3D model then they will need to use different graphic software and if they want to edit photographs and graphics they will use a different software type.  The best design software that is recommended by top designers is the Adobe Photoshop CC because of its ease of use, flexibility and features.