3 SEO Tips That Everyone Should Know
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Search Engine Optimization is by far the most important aspect after meaningful content that helps in driving traffic to your website. However if you are a celebrity running a blog or website then it’s entirely a new story! You are famous so automatically your website is famous too!

Anyways, 4DGraphix SEO consultants wanted to share 3 important SEO tips that they believe every novice must be aware off; think of them as the basic pillars of SEO and their proper understanding can ultimately lead to higher traffic generation for your website.

Website Content – Meaningful, Direct, Engaging & Informative

Content is KING and it is the ultimate factor that can decide the fate of your website. Your content should be meaningful, direst, engaging and informative; most of all it should not be duplicate in anyway because the Search Engines will reject it and severely diminish your website traffic. You need to add content to you website that has some meaning to your audience and is related to the overall theme of your website.



Plus, it should be engaging and tempt the reader to comment on it at the same time the reader must also be able to enjoy it. Remember, if a reader gets bored half way through your article, they will simply move to other website. I know this because I do the same and so do all my friends, family and colleagues.

Share On Social Media – Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring so share your content on social media as much as you can! Of course the more substantive reason for sharing on social media is different; you get to reach a larger audience and with a better chance of engagement. The social media connects your posts, content and website globally through your friends, family and acquaintances. Moreover you can even promote your website & content on Social Media at a much less cost.

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Optimize Meta’s – Move Up In Search Engines

Meta Descriptions have great importance in Search Engine ranking and is considered a vital part of SEO. Meta’s give you limited characters to provide a further small description of your content, website or blog posts. You need to make sure that keywords are also included in the Meta; typically the meta descriptions consist of 160 characters including spaces so you have to be precise and to get your point through to your audience.

If you keep these three basics about SEO in your mind while developing a website, its content or blog posts; then surly you will be able to get more traffic and a stronger audience engagement.


Search Engine Optimization can do wonders for your website if implemented properly. Your website can show up at the top of search engine rankings and you can see an influx of traffic to your website. Here are some simple SEO tips that can help you achieve this. The website content should be meaningful, direct, engaging and informative. Also you need to share your website and its content on social media by bookmarking. Last but not the least you have to optimize meta-descriptions to ensure all relevant information and keyword are placed in it. All of these will help you achieve your desired search engine ranking.