3D printing
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New technique has been evolved in the field of technology, printing and designing, the 3D printing. 3D printing is unique because it print the things themselves not only a digital photo for them on a paper, it prints real model with 3 dimensions for a digital files on the computer.

3D printers are not working by ink like ordinary printers, but it works by raw material like plastic, metal, or rubber, through some successive layers forming the final 3D model you want to print.

In the beginning this technique was mainly used by the professional users who use designing programs like autocad, this means you should be a professional user to use this technique, but after developing, ordinary users became able to print 3D printings, as nowadays there are websites that offer 3D designs and you can choose any of them just by a click.

3D printing the industry of the future

3D printing is considered to be the industry of the future even for unprofessional users. Only one click and you can have what you want in your hands, starting from food till human organs. Yes this true, as 3D printers has been developed a lot; it can even print new printers.

3D printing gives you variety

3D printers are not only for a specific material or type of printings; it can print accessories, kids’ toys and even your food. You can even print a 3D model of your shape. In other words you will have a variety of choices, you can make what you want not only choosing it.

3D printing saves money

Not only this, maybe 3D printers cost a lot but this is because it is a new invention, but surely this technique will have a great future not only because it can print anything 3D but because it does so with low cost. As it contributes to print the damaged parts of the spaceships, cars and homes too, so it is a part of big and expensive industries, which make it a smart solution for many problems in those industries.

Unique importance

3D printing’s unique importance appears in the field of medicine where it prints human organs like ears or kidneys. We can consider it one of the most important usages of 3D printing as it gives hope for many patients who suffer from the high cost of artificial limbs.


Designing and printing became an important field in a way that makes it develop another fields, 3D printing is one of its important application which will be something so important in the future.