5 Tips For Good Website Design

A good website design has the qualities that include fast loading time, eye catching graphics, use of golden ratio and SEO optimized. When a website is designed and developed, several people are involved in the whole process.

Firstly a graphics design team perform R&D based on the requirements. Then a PSD is created and sent to a Front End Developer who creates a basic framework of the website using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Once the front end development is complete the website then moves towards backend development where a PHP developer adds functionally to the website. The SEO team is involved during the complete process and helps make the design of website SEO friendly. Here are some basic tips that can help you in creating a good website design:

Tip # 1:

Smaller Image Size:

A small image size that is around 10-12 KB per image is the ideal size that will result in a lighter website that loads quickly. A faster website loading would mean that your users are getting improved user experiences.

Tip # 2:

Using Golden Ratio:

When designing a website it is always recommended to use the concept of golden ratio. The ratio will help in creating an optimized design with the right number of images positioned correctly.

Tip # 3:

Graphics Optimized For Content:

During the course of designing, the SEO team should provide input to the designers regarding the type of content that will be posted on the website. This will give the designer a clear picture of the design and they will be able to use proper and related graphics and images.

Tip # 4:

Standardized Layouts:

There are hundreds of layouts available for websites but the 3-coloumn layout is the standard and most followed layout for web design. Moreover its follows the golden ratio rules and are most appealing to the user.

Tip # 5:

Fonts – Serif & Sans- Serif:

The most ideal font for heading is Serif and for text it is Sans-Serif. These font styles are quite easy to read on the screen. Moreover the use of Serif for normal text is usually avoided because it can blur together on screen and it becomes difficult to read.

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Good website designs are important because they can help you get more traffic to your website and users can enjoy the experience of your website. Moreover a good website designs is also SEO friendly which means that your website will show up in top search results. A good user experience with amazing graphics and appealing fonts on your website can become a global beacon for your target audience globally.