What is meant by “Landing Page”?

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What is a Landing Page? As the name implies, the landing page is a single page of the website that users land on it whenever they click on a specific
Famous Twitters

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Twitter is an online news and marketing platform that people use for many purposes. For instance, they share their interacts with each other, deliver
How to Handle your Angry Customer

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To Handle the Angry Customer you need to: Keep Calm, Be a Listener, Care, then Solve and
Promote your Business Professionally via LinkedIn

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LinkedIn isn’t only a site that can be used in finding a new career and creating an online resume. Actually, it can do much more. For Instance, you
The Importance of Blog

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The Importance of Blog: It improves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It drives traffic to your website organically. It exposes you to more
Know the Most Famous 3 Educational Websites in the World:

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Irrespective to your age, you’re not too old to learn new things. The traditional schools and universities are the only paths to a certified
Reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate

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Briefly, the bounce rate is the rate of the single-page visitors (or the visitors of the website in general) who bounce your website after viewing
How to Create a Marketing Plan?

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As a business owner, a marketer, or someone who wants to get into marketing, you need to be aware of the marketing process for a certain product,
Significant Hints about Ticketing System

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The ticketing system is also known as issue tracking system ITS, trouble ticket, and trouble report. It’s a technique or a mechanism that