WhatsApp Encryption

After Facebook bought it a new feature has been appeared lately in WhatsApp application. It is called “encryption”. It allows the user to encrypt the chat and secure it. This feature is known as end-to-end encryption. The advantage of this feature is that no one can reach your messages, calls, photos, or videos even the WhatsApp system itself. Also, this encryption works automatically without any need to turn on the settings. Besides, it is worth mentioning that this encryption cannot be turned off by anyone even the user himself.

In the following few lines, 4DGraphix will tackle all the needed information that shall be known regarding WhatsApp encryption.

How to Make sure that Your Chat is Encrypted?

The simplest way to make sure that your chat is encrypted is via scanning the QR code of your partner’s device. Then, a green mark will be appeared as a sign that your chat is secured and encrypted by the “end-to-end encryption” even it was an individual chat or group.

However, there are a lot of companies -that have a chat application like WhatsApp- tried to provide such security to their users, but it was the first time that one of these companies encrypt the users’ chats.  Also, it is worth to mention that this feature has appeared because of the obsession of being more secure and private.

Moreover, maybe there are users who do not like such new feature as it prevents anyone to reach the messages even if it is the government itself. But, the aim behind such encryption is the consumer’s right and protecting him from hacking and electronic criminals.


This new encryption feature grasped the attention, as it provides a full security factor which the users used to look for.