How to optimize your new domain regarding SEO?
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When it comes to choosing a domain name for your business you need to keep several things in mind that include business type, keywords, target audience, uniqueness and SEO compatibility. The most important of these is SEO compatibility, a higher SEO compatibility will result in greater searches and higher visibility of your website with wider audience reach.

Many people fail to grasp the importance of domain name compatibility with SEO and end up with a bad choice for their domain. 4DGraphix SEO team has come up with a few tips that can help you get the best domain names and help you in creating a unique brand identity.

Here are some simple but awesome tips that can help you get the best domain name while making sure it is compatible with search engines:

Do Your Research – Identify The Best Keywords:

Research is always a good idea and helps you eliminate illogical aspects quickly. You need to do a thorough keyword research related to your business. Let’s assume that you are involved in a food business so you would need to find keywords that are close or related to your business name. You will also need to look at the search data for keywords and select the ones with the highest search results.

Go For Uniqueness – Domain & Brand

A unique domain name will distinguish your business and brand on the web. A unique brand identity will help you create your business from scratch on the web. Never ever choose a domain name that is a plural, hyphenation or misspelled versions of an already established brand. The unique domain name will distinguish you from your competition.

Always Go For Dot Com Domains First

These days there are so many domains available that people tend to opt for the wrong one. Remember to always go for Dot Com domains first. Now, it is likely that you won’t find the name you selected with Dot Com domain so you need to find the proper keyword that is available. You can also go for other domain types and redirect them to your main Dot Com domain.

Short, Precise & Easy

Remember that the longer your domain name is the negative it would be. Select a domain name that is precise to your business, is a higher ranking keyword and easy to type. Let’s take example of ( or ( So what do these site names have in common? The answer is quite simple, these domain names depict what they are about. One is about planning a trip while the other tells about travel fare.

Don’t Get Blacklisted – Check Copyright Infringements

These days you can easily check the copyright for your domain name from your domain provider or simply check it from If in a rare instance there is a domain name that doesn’t follow copyrights than it will end up being blacklisted.

Don’t Use Hyphens or Numbers

Hyphens or numbers are not usually used for domain names as they are uncommon and don’t give any meaning to the domain name. Moreover the numbers and hyphens can create confusion.

So here you go, if you follow all these steps while selecting a domain name for your brand than you will surly end up with the best name which is simply compatible with search engines.


When choosing a domain name it is extremely important that you evaluate SEO aspects. Ensuring that your domain name follows the SEO guidelines it will help you get better search ranking on Google. Moreover it would be easier for your audience to remember the name if it shorter and is a dot com domain. All in all if you want your website to be optimized for search engines then we recommend that you start with a SEO friendly domain name.