Boosting Posts Using Facebook Insights

Facebook is among the most used social media platform in the world. Founded in 2004, Facebook quickly became a sensation amongst all age groups and an advanced advertising platform for all types of small and large businesses. Due to extensive analytics data availability Facebook is a heaven for advertisers and specialist like ‘Social Media Marketing Managers’ are hired to run advertising campaigns and manage social media as a whole.

Facebook Community

A recent statistics report was published on the profile of Mark Zuckerberg that suggested a strong presence of users on social platforms every month. Here are the results based on those statistics:

Facebook advertising revenue report suggests that in the 3rd Quarter of 2014 there was an approximate advertising revenue of $2957 Million which suggests that companies spend a lot to advertise their products on Facebook.


 Using Facebook Insights To Boost Your Posts

People post and share everyday on Facebook about their lives, photographs, things they like, interests and so much more. The above infographic suggests that there are 7+ Billion likes everyday which approximates to the total population of the world.

Businesses on the other hand have their own brand pages which they promote among targeted audience. They constantly update these pages and provide all their latest products and promotions. In recent years however Facebook has made its platform inclined more towards advertisers with an updated analytics options.

What Facebook Insights Offers?

Using Facebook Insights can be extremely beneficial for you if you want to advertise your products to a specified audience. Here are some of the major consumer based elements available on insights:

All of this data can be used not only in boosting your paid post but also your organic posts. Imagine if you know when you audience is online the most. If you use this data and post on the page at that specific time interval, you will have the greatest audience reach and higher audience engagement. This is just one example, if you know how to read the insights data, you can use it to maximize your reach and attain your strategic marketing goals.

4DGraphix has a dedicated social media management team with tons of experience. In the coming posts on our blog you will learn more about using the data on Facebook Insights to your advantage. Send us your feedback and stay tuned to our blog.


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