Dart Language

If you are the type of person who wants to deal with the computer and gives it orders to perform, so you have to learn programming language which is considered as the link between the programmer and the computer. In other words, these languages are the commands that you give to the computer to do different functions. Regarding Dart language, it is a developed model of JavaScript language which is the most commonly used language in building android applications.

Why it has been Established?

DART language is an upgraded version of JavaScript. The fact behind establishing it is that JavaScript language has disadvantages which motivate Google to create a new language that does not have any problems besides adding new features to it.

Dart language has been declared by Google in 2011.

Dart Language Goals

The goal of Dart language is to have an organized language that is easy to be handled, familiar to be used, and easy for young and old developers. Also, to get a high performance in all devices starting from the basic mobile devices till the most complicated servers.

Dart Language Qualities

  1. Increase the performance speed in smartphones systems,
  2. Guarantee an easy learning and usage for web developers and programmers,
  3. The ability to work on any system whether it was a browser or a phone such as Android-iOS-Windows,
  4. The safety element which was missing in JavaScript
  5. Dart language’s open source enables the developers to develop and create new programming languages,
  6. The quick and continuous development of Dart language is a double-edged sword as this fast and permanent change will make the developers in an unstable state.


Dart language is a realistic language. Also, it has many advantages that make people able to learn it easily. In addition, it combines the advantages of JavaScript language and extends to modern web systems.