Difference between free hosting and paid hosting
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Web hosting is simply the process of publishing your website online through reserving a space for your website on a server with special characteristics.

Web hosting is storing your website files on web servers connected to a fast network. So when a user types your website address, the internet connects the web server, and transfers your website files to the user’s computer.

Free web hosting

It’s a free service; you can publish your website with paying any fees. They gain profit out of sponsored ads.



Paid web hosting

Another way to host your web is to pay extra fees to have your own website address online.



There are several differences between paid hosting and free hosting and each has its pros and cons. The free hosting has a simple advantage that you don’t have to pay for it and you can publish your website but these free service providers display ads and sometimes bandwidth allocation is quite low. Paid hosting on the other hand offers more bandwidth, flexibility and no ads so you can run a website without any issues. It is always recommended to opt for paid hosting if you want to run a professional website or promote a brand.