What is Digital Painting?
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Simply defined, a digital painting is any art that is created on a computer using some digital painting software. Unlike an ordinary painting created by an artist on a canvas, a digital painting exists as a digital file saved on a hard drive. You can illustrate the digital painting using mediums like paper, canvas or polyester and using industrial printers.

Traditional vs Digital Painting

Traditional paintings used oil, impasto and water colors whereas as a digital painting involves the use of same elements but in digital format. Moreover these are not mathematical models that artists created, but rather they are designed using digital elements available.



You might have seen people working with a digital pen and pad which helps in creating a digital painting. The pen & pad works as a digital brush and canvas moreover people can also use mouse to create a painting but it requires a lot of practice.

The Code Mode & Design Mode

In digital painting we need to understand two important aspects that are the ‘Code Mode’ & ‘Design Mode’. To understand this we use the example of website design where the programmer uses codes to make a digital painting. Some of the earliest digital paintings were made in this way.

Then software applications were developed where a designer could make a digital painting and code was generated in the application. Now, a designer has no limitations and can design using advanced software application to create the perfect digital painting and that image is translated into usable code.

Problems That Artists Face With Digital Paintings

Unlike traditional paintings that sell for millions of dollars because of their uniqueness and inability to be replicated, digital paintings have a major problem. A digital painting is stored in a digital format (010101010) and can be replicated which is a great concern for art dealers. Another issue is the replication of colors and its illustration on a screen.

Digital Painting Software Applications

Mostly digital painting is used in production arts, filming and television. Special software applications have been designed to helps artists in digital paintings. Some famous applications include:

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Digital painting is art created on computer or simply said it is electronic art. With the introduction of complex designing software applications, designers are now able to create digital paintings that have numerous applications in online settings. Digital paintings can be classified into both tangible and non-tangle paintings and are considered an exquisite piece of art in the modern age.