E-marketing: Steps to Reach Your Customers

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing field. People are very obsessed with social media. For example, nowadays, they can search and know more about any product from the social media. That’s why, marketing any product on social media can grasp the attention of people if it applied in a smart way.

In the following few lines, 4DX will tackle the steps that shall be followed to be a good marketer.

    • Meet Customers Expectations

To win your customers’ loyalty, there’s something that is called “the expectations gap” which means the customers’ expectations and what they expect to get and what they actually get. Therefore, a lot of companies get in trouble because they give their customers unrealistic expectations about the service, the price, or the quality and they can’t meet these expectations. So, pay attention to your customers’ needs and do not make promises that you can’t achieve.

    • Be Trendy

To be trendy means that you have to cope with social trends and use them in a smart way. It can be done through observing the important events and using it while marketing your product, selecting what attracts the public’s attention, and the interesting topics on social media. Also, if there is a dominant “Hashtag” regarding a specific subject, look for the smartest way to use it in your marketing plan.

    • Simplicity

The message needs to be simple, specific, and unique. Also, your language should be strong but not tough. So, try to reduce repetition. Also, if you are not sure about something, you can ask another co-worker to review your work from his own perspective to help you to improve it. So, your message should be too short and to the point.


Social media takes a huge part of our life. So, using it wisely in your work, would allow you to improve it.