Famous Social Media Mobile Applications
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Smart phones became priorities these days, for most of people from different cultures and ages. Applications are considered the backbone of the smart phones, we use many of them daily, they help use to communicate easily with almost everything, people, restaurants, services, traffic and so on. Here are some of the most important and famous applications:

  • Facebook

One of the most famous and useable applications, it was established in February 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, it began in Harvard university, with a limited edition only between students, and it stayed only between students in different universities for 2 years, then it became available for all users, who increased from 12 million user in December 2006 to 40 million in the beginning of 2007.  Now, the number of facebook users became about 1.5 billion users, it became one of the idols among social media platforms, billions of people use it daily to keep in touch with what happens and communicate with others. Moreover smart phones put it as one of the essentials of the phone.

  • Whatsapp

One of the important chatting applications around the world, as more than 450 million users use it monthly, and the facebook bought it with about 19 billion dollar, and it still works as an independent application.

  • Instagram

It’s an application mainly for photos, and you can also download some short videos, not exceed some seconds. Many celebrities use it and manage their accounts by themselves, which makes it more trusted and famous. You can use it as an application or on the web but you can download your photos through the application only.

  • Twitter

It’s called a micro-blog application, because you can’t write a post more than 140 letter. Actually you can share written posts, photos, videos or whatever you want, but people who use it usually are those who love to write, or with twiiter language “tweet”. You can follow many different people to know new cultures and ideas, and you can be followed too, by many.

  • Snapchat

Many people think that it’s like instagram, but it’s a little bit different, it depends on video chatting, and it’s secured, as no one can save your photos, he can only take a screen shot, and you can’t like others’ photos you can just leave a comment through a video private chat.


Those applications make our lives easier, they help you keep in touch with people you can’t see always, to search for whatever you want even if it’s not in your country, and to use it even for your business.