Famous Twitters

Twitter is an online news and marketing platform that people use for many purposes. For instance, they share their interacts with each other, deliver instant messages, and market their business, etc. Also, celebrities tend to have an official account on twitter to post and build a more personal relation with their fans or supporters.

Here, you’ll find the most popular 15 twitterers on twitter and their last tweets:


    • Barack Obama

    • Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Oprah Winfrey

    • Bill Gates

    • Adele

    • NASA

    • Donald J. Trump

    • Leonardo DiCaprio

    • Shugairi

    • Mohamad Al Arefe

    • National Geographic

    • Justin Bieber

    • Rihanna

    • Real Madrid C. F.


Twitter is a popular platform with celebrities and business owners. However, what is really distinctive about it, is that people who does not have accounts on twitter, have the right to read the tweets.