Four ideas for web design
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Lots of people spend their free time surfing the web and this has resulted in the rise of competition between different websites because each one wants the highest traffic possible. Lots of factors influence the popularity of your site and the design of the page is among the most important ones. If you work in web design or interested in it we recommend you the following ideas to make your site more beautiful.

Increase the use of circles

Try using circles and circular shapes as much as you can in your design, they are more modern and more attractive to the viewer. Squares and rectangles might make your page look boring and old, try to minimize their use.

More white and negative space

Lots of users do not like pages which are stuffed with images , texts and shapes, it annoys them and decreases the traffic for your site. We recommend you to use soft and light colors and leaving negative space in your designs, which will make them comfortable for the eye of the user.

Make the design responsive

The wide spread of smart phones has resulted in a huge number of internet mobile users. This means that if you don’t make your website viewable through the mobile, you will lose a huge audience. For this reason must make your design responsive.

Less pages, more traffic.

the modern internet user does not want to go through lots of pages and prefers finding the information as fast as possible. Make the main page contain lots of links for all the important pages in the site and try to minimize the number of pages as much as you can. New design techniques also merge lots of pages in one page, they will help you as well.


Websites design should be catchy to attract the users, and it should be easy to use.