Get to know java

Java is one of the most famous computer programming languages, which is used to develop applications and programs and is suitable for different devices and purposes, below we present you a brief introduction to it.

History of java

In the early 90s, James gosling and his coworkers in sun microsystems company developed this language. The company released its first version of java in 1995.  Java allowed a good deal of safety to its users which encouraged lots of web browsers to use it and then it got famous. Later java started releasing newer versions which contained more components and advantages and it was more suitable to work on different platforms. In 2006, sun released a huge part of java as open source software and in 2007 it released the entire java as open source software and made the code available.

How does java work?

There is a set of computer programs dedicated to develop and run programs written in java language and these programs are known as java platform. The java platform consists of an execution engine called a virtual machine, a compiler and a set of libraries implemented for several hardware and operating systems. There are several platforms suitable for different kinds of devices. Java files are compiled into a format called bytecode which can be executed by a java interpreter.

 Java principles

There were five principals when the java were created, which are:

  1. It must use the object oriented methodology.
  2. It must be “robust and secure”.
  3. It must allow the program to be executed on several operating systems.
  4. It must execute with “high performance”.
  5. It must be “interpreted, threaded, and dynamic”.


Advantages of java


One of the most important rules of java is “write once, execute anywhere” which means you have to write your application only once for the java platform and then you will be able to execute it anywhere.


Java offers its users a high level of security. It allows them to download a code that might not be safe and to run it in a network of computers in complete security.

Network-centric programming

Java was designed in a way which gave networking a huge importance which is why programming in this language depends mainly on networks. For developers, java makes working with a network of computers and exchanging resources between them something that is very easy. It also makes developing network-based applications something that is very easy.

Easy to learn

Java was designed in a way which makes it extremely easy to be learnt.


Java was designed in a way which allows users from all over the world to deal with it easily. Java is the only well-known programming language that has the internationalization features at its very core rather than in its newer releases. While other languages use 8 bit characters which represent the western alphabet java uses the 16 bit Unicode characters which represent the alphabets of the entire world.

Most famous java applications:

There are lots of java applications which are used by millions daily all over the world such as:


It was designed for unit testing and is considered responsible for popularizing test-driven development.


A very popular operating system for smart phones. Famous for providing lots of applications for its users.

Learning to develop using Java will help you enter into a large community for developers and will make your applications more reachable for a huge number of consumers. We recommend you to get to know it better.