Google Can Do Much More

Google is more than just a search engine that we use daily. It’s actually much smarter and funnier than what we think. As in addition to its billions of answers of each question we ask, it has a lot of tools and features that can amaze us.

In the following few lines, 4DGraphix will present Google’s funny and smart tools.

Did you know that Google has Such Smart Features?

  1. Tip Calculator
    Every time you went out with your friends you, stuck in calculating the amount of money for each person. Well, Google is offering a tip calculator which will ease calculating the exact tip amount for the meals.
  2. Atari Breakout
    Write down “Atari Breakout” on the image search section of Google and feel the nostalgic atmosphere while playing the old Atari.
  3. Numbers Pronunciation
    Google can pronounce to you the very long numbers. All you have to do is writing that number in the search section followed by “=english” and its pronunciation will show up in written letters.
  4. Google’s Timer
    Google also is providing an alarm timer. Dig in and type the specific time you want. For instance, “1-hour timer”.
  5. Parking Location
    With Google’s parking location app, you’ll never get lost while searching for your parked car as a parking location card will show up as soon as you park your car which will guide you later while getting back to it.
  6. Wedding Planner
    Google is offering docs templates which you can use in planning your wedding.
  7. Do a barrel roll
    Try Google’s trick by typing “do a barrel roll” in the search section and watch the screen turning into 360-degree.


There’re still a lot of Google surprises that will amaze you. Previously, we’ve tackled some of the most interesting ones.