Know more about Google Penguin Update
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After two years of google penguin’s last update, a new update has finally released in all languages. Penguin 4.0 is now a part of google’s core algorithm.

So, in the following few lines, 4DGraphix will tackle google penguin’s new features, tasks, and how to protect your sites from google penalties.

Google Penguin’s New Features

  • Penguin is Real-Time: It means that the penalties, effects, and changes will get applied to the website (in real-time) faster than the past.
  • Penguin is Granular: It means that it becomes a page-specific and not a sitewide according to google’s declaration which means that penguin may affect a specific page of a website while other pages are good.

Google Penguin Tasks

Well, google penguin’s main task is to catch and apply penalties to the spammy websites which are spamming the results of google search engine via not using unique content and copying it from other websites. Using many unrelated backlinks also is one of the things that google apply penalties for.

How to Avoid Google Penguin Penalties?

  1. Use unique content for your website,
  2. Never duplicate,
  3. Get rid of the harmful links and the re-routing tools,
  4. Avoid the unrelated backlinks.


If your website rank isn’t stable, don’t worry as it means that google penguin hasn’t refreshed it yet.