Know More about Google’s Self-Driving Car

Safety was Google’s higher priority during designing this self-driving car which they have been working on since 2009. In December 2014 they have released their first prototype vehicle.

How does it Work?

The sensors and software of this self-driving car are in charge of everything. It can sense any obstacles on the road to avoid them. Also, it senses vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to smartly deal with them. It also can define which country, street, or lane, it is.

However, what is really impressive about this car is that it can predict what will happen next which means that, if the cyclist or the pedestrian decided to change their lane, the car will deal with it rightly.

Why is Google Working on a Self-Driving Car?

Google aims to help those people who can’t drive because of their age, health, or physical condition or any other reason. So, by spreading and having this car in the streets, Google believes that the yearly traffic accidents which have been estimated about almost 2 million, around the world, will get reduced significantly.

It’s also worth to mention that, the limited speed of this car is 25 mph.


Google’s self-driving car may has faults but the belief assures that it will be much safer than human-driving car.

Currently, Google’s self-driving car is still under test.