Graffiti – An Expression Worth Understanding
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Ever seen those colorful, weird but interesting drawings and writings on different walls? These writings and drawings are a form of an artistic expression called graffiti. This artistic expression dates back to the ancient times of the Romans and the Greeks.

Tools of Graffiti

In modern times or as we say it, the 21st Century, spray paints and markers are commonly used for graffiti and in our era it has evolved with the hip hop culture, music, rhymes & blues and other elements. More commonly many people paint social or political messages on the walls to express their thoughts.


ِAn illegal Art

In many countries graffiti is illegal if painted on a wall without the authorization of its owner and thousands of people get arrested every year under the premise of vandalism and destruction of public property. Moreover gangs also use special forms of it to mark their territories.

Types of Graffiti

There are several characteristics of modern graffiti; one common style is a tag which is like a signature of the artist and is considered to be the most basic form of graffiti. Another type is called the throw-up in which the artist paints quickly using two or three colors. In the throw-up form the artists usually opt for speed over aesthetics.


A Piece offers an elaborate and descriptive representation of the artist name and usually consists of a wide range of colors and contains stylish letters. A piece is more time consuming as compared to other forms and is usually done in intervals. Another more descriptive, vivid and expressive style is the blockbuster which is painted in a block-shaped style. A blockbuster is usually done in a competitive environment with a sole purpose of restricting other artists from painting on some specific wall.


Graffiti in our digital age

In our digital era where Photoshop is the king of all illusions there are several software applications available on the internet that help you create graffiti; of course it can only be printed on a piece of paper but you can use it to create a sketch which can later help you in the actual graffiti on the wall.

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Graffiti is an artistic expression that you find painted on street walls has its origins in hip hop culture, music, rhymes & blues. There are several types of graffiti each having a different meaning to its artist and audience. Some major types include piece, blockbuster, tag and throw-up. In many countries you have to ask for permission from the appropriate authority to paint graffiti on the street walls. Graffiti is usually done using spray paints and other types of wall paints. Graffiti is truly a unique expression worth understanding.