Graphic Design Software you must know
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When computer programs entered the field of graphic design this enhanced the quality of designs and helped in providing the tools for design to a huge number of designers all over the world. This resulted in the widespread of extremely creative designs with high quality which increased the competition between designers and the position of a graphic designer became one of the most important work positions all over the world. Whether you are new in the world of graphic design or still looking for your way to start, there is a set of basic tools essential for any designer, it will help you express your talent in the most professional way possible. Try learning these software programs to be able to implement professional designs. Below are some of the most important software programs for design

Adobe InDesign

A computer software produced by adobe which is used in designing brochures, flyers, books, reports, posters and newspapers. This software also helps in designing page layouts of eBooks and electronic publications. This program is very important in printing because it is used in designing pages  which is why designers from all over the world are using it for books and documents.

Quark express

This program is used for the same tasks InDesign is used for which are related to printing and designing books and documents. This program is older than InDesign as it was released before it but currently InDesign is leading the market followed by Quark which has a good percentage of the market share.

Adobe illustrator

This program helps in creating illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams and cartoons. This software makes drawing on the computer very easy which is very important for artists and talented people.

Adobe Photoshop

This is the most famous design software. Photoshop helps in editing images, correcting colors and adding lots of effects such as light and shade. It is also used in printing and web design in some case. Photoshop helps in drawing entire images from scratch. There are lots of other uses for Photoshop; the effects it offers to edit an image are endless.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This software helps in designing websites using HTML and many other languages. The program is designed in a way which helps web designers who don’t have sufficient knowledge in coding as it writes the code by itself and leaves you the design process only. It is very easy to use for adobe users.

The previous programs and many others will be your way to success in the world of graphic design. Start downloading them and get to know them you might be talented and succeed in creating wonderful designs.