Graphics and photos resolution
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Sometimes we see amazing designs with sharp edges and bright colors, other times designs with fade colors and dull edges, and so what is the difference between both? Most designs are photographic photos or digital ones designed by designing programs like photoshop or illustrator, but what make a design sharp and other not? It’s all about resolution. Simply resolution means the number of points the photo consisted of, all the photos are consisted of points, the less they are the sharper the photo, for example if we look carefully at a photo in the newspaper we will notice the small points, and if we didn’t so the photo is with high resolution, so how can we measure the photo resolution? Photo resolution is measured by the number of points per inch, photos with low resolution have 72 points per inch or less and the standard resolution is 300 points per inch and more than that the eye will not be able to recognize, and it will be over load on the computer’s memory, so the standard is only 300 points per inch. But if we want to design a big advertising board as its dimensions are measured by meters, there are no computers design these sizes with high resolution, so we use less number of points per inch, according to the used computer abilities, the resolution for those big sizes starts from 96 points per inch to 150 points per inch, but in general cases we committed to 300 points per inch. When designing a website, the content should be easy to download, so we couldn’t use high resolution we only use 96 or 72 points per inch. Other factor related to photo resolution is the way we store the photo on CDs or memory cards…etc., as it affects the photo resolution a lot. Let’s take examples:

JPG format

This format is so famous because it can compress the photos without occupying large space and sometimes it can keep the proper photo resolution.

GIF format

It’s a lower quality format, it usually used for websites and include moving photos.

PSD format

This format is a high quality format especially with the photoshop programs.

PNG format

This is a new high quality format used usually in websites.


Graphics and photo resolutions can really define a picture. It can out bring the best in every picture. The better the resolution, the more brilliant the picture would turn out to be. Different formats are defined on the basis of their quality. The most famous of them as discussed already is JPG which can easily compress the pictures and keep the resolution as well.