Significant Hints about Ticketing System

The ticketing system is also known as issue tracking system ITS, trouble ticket, and trouble report. It’s a technique or a mechanism that enterprises use in order to detect customers’ problems, solve them, and provide a better user experience.

This issue tracking system is mostly used in organization’s call center and customer service scope. It’s also worth mentioning that, some companies make special software for such mechanism.

The Workflow of Ticketing System:

  1. The call center/customer service agent receives customers’ calls, emails, and reports about a specified issue or problem they face,
  2. The call center/customer service agent procures comprehensive details of such issue along with customer details,
  3. After verifying the authenticity of such issue, the call center/customer service agent records it in the issue tracking system,
  4. At this stage, the data is recorded on the system as an “open ticket”,
  5. The data change from “open” to “pending” whenever any technician tries to fix it,
  6. After solving the problem, it’s recorded as “resolved or closed” in the system.

The Importance of Implementing Issue Tracking System:

  • Catch and address issues readily and early,
  • Addressing issues early “before coding it” helps to reduce the cost and time of the solving process,
  • Provide a better user experience and make your customers happier.


Ticketing system helps to solve any problem provided by customers or organization’s own employees in order to optimize customer experience.