How to be an android developer?
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Most of people nowadays want to know about smartphones systems, like android system, wich the most important want, and it considered to be the most famous too. Google has developed android system for mobile phones depending on linux operating system, which allows you to use your phone as if it were a computer, it enables you also to surf the internet and run a lot of applications like videos, songs or games. Moreover the market of technology always needs android developers to cope with customers’ needs. Here are some steps to do if you want to be an android developer:

  • You have to know Java language, the basic language for android system development, you can learn it through specialized centers or through the internet where huge available educational material for free.
  • Create an easy-to-use interface to apply by using xml
  • To have the proper device to create the application by using android system
  • See different examples of android applications and discover new ideas.
  • Test the application you developed and present it to those work in this field or who are experts in this field, to know the weaknesses and strengths.

 Advantages of a successful android system

When you create an android application it should be unique and creative, so your application should have some characteristics like:


The application should be simple and not complicated so the users can use it easily.


The more consistent the application the more unique it is, so choose the images and the titles very carefully.


The application should suitable for all devices which are using android system


The application should adjustable, as operating systems developments appear every day.


With those tips don’t hesitate to learn how android system works and have a new experience in smartphones’ world. You can visit our website and find out the latest updates in smartphones systems and share your comments and suggestions with us.


Android development is the new technology trend that everyone is following as their career path these days. Majority of the population on earth is an Android user and there are millions of online applications for Android users. To become a smart and successful Android developer you must develop applications that are simple, adaptable, consistent and adjustable. All these elements will ensure that you are a successful android developer.