How to choose best web hosting company
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To be ready to have a website that internet users could access, you have to deal with web hosting company which provides you a space on the server, and save your files so users could check them easily. But there are some criteria to put in mind when choosing the company you will deal with:

  • Space

The space is one of the first things that you should care about when dealing with the web hosting company; it differs according to what content you will have on your website, files, images.., etc. suitable space will provide more flexibility usage for the website users.

  • Customer Service

Good customer services or good managed hosting which is available 24 hours will help you solve your problems immediately, so your website is not down anymore, as this case may lessen your credit with your users. Make sure that the company you deal with care about after selling service in order not to be forced to fix any defect by yourself.

  • Data transfer

It’s like the space, differs according to the files and the number of users, search for a company that provides data transfer service to allow your website users to check, read and use it easily.

  • Ready and able to extent gradually

Choose the company that will help in emergencies, those companies should take precautions like backups and electric generators to be ready when electricity is off. And for gradual extent, it’s the ability to cope with any increase in the traffic of the website, in order not to let your website be down because of over load.


Choose a good web hosting company, this will help you a lot, and makes the users trust your website.