How to Create a Catchy Ad “Titles and Descriptions”?
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As a business owner, there is no doubt that you need to create and build ads from time to time. Thus, whether they’re Facebook ads, Google ads, or Twitter, etc. You need to put in mind that the first thing that attracts people to view your ad instead of another one is the title and description of your ad. So, it’s all about “the best use of words”. That’s why in the following few lines 4DGraphix, will tackle some tips for creating an optimal ad.

Based on the Purpose of Title … It shall be:

  1. Simple,
  2. To the point,
  3. Memorable,
  4. Descriptive,
  5. Motivated.

Things to Put in Mind While Writing the Meta Description:

  • First of all, you need to search for the most used keywords for your specific topic and use them wisely in your Meta description. As most search engines highlight the keywords whenever someone searches for it,
    For Instance: If you’re searching for “Apartment for sale in Maadi” Google will highlight such words in search results.
  • Consider that the Meta description standard length is 135-160 characters. So, don’t exceed it in order to avoid cutting.
  • Make it simple, clear, catchy and to the point. As what you need to do is making the searchers click on your ad instead of others. So, give them the description of what they’re really looking for, play with words and match it with your content.


Creating a catchy ad requires a relevant, attractive, and clear “title and description”. Previously, we’ve tackled the best way to write both.