How to Create a Marketing Plan?

As a business owner, a marketer, or someone who wants to get into marketing, you need to be aware of the marketing process for a certain product, service, or company.

So, here we will offer you some crucial tips for an effective marketing plan:

Firstly, outline your executive summary including vision & goals, SWOT analysis, targeted audience, and budget analysis.

  • Vision & Goals: They’re your KPIs as Vision simply refers to the way you want your business to look like and to be known for, while Goals are the required achievements from marketing.
  • SWOT:
    1. Strengths: it includes all your business’s internal points of strength which characterize you among the competitors. These strengths encompass competitive advantages, products’ prices, or durability, etc.
    2. Weaknesses: Every marketer should abandon his ego and list the weaknesses in order to accurately position his business among the competitors.
    3. Opportunities: They’re the external factors which may affect both sales and profits.
    4. Threats: Before applying any of the opportunities, we’ve tackled above, you need to list the external threats that may break your business down.
  • The Target Audience: Analyzing the targeted audience is the best way to define which topics you’re going to tackle, which channels you’re going to use, and the best time to post.
  • The Budget Analysis: Calculate your budget well and define if it’s favorable or not as it is not a good thing to be over budget.


Above, we tackled some of the most important steps of marketing plan.

Stay tuned for more!