How to create strong Password
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Now, Password becomes the most important word which used in daily dealings because of its close relation to the various transactions, whether at work or home, or ATMs and others. You should use a strong password that is difficult to guess or decrypt. We will offer here the top tips for a strong password creation:

  1.  Not using numbers only

Some makes a great error when creating a new password, where this error involves the use of a set of numbers to create password, this error leads to easy decryption for this password through hacking online programs and increases the ability of penetrating your personal account. So you should use numbers and letters with different cases as Uppercase letters (A, B, C) and Lowercase letters (a, b, c).

  1. The minimum number of used characters

Strong Password should not be less than 8 different characters to prevent others from knowing and tampering your privacy information by penetrating your accounts.

  1. Symbols usage

Using of simple symbols helps you to strengthen your password and distinguished it differently, examples of these symbols:

`~! @ # $% ^ & * () _ – + = {} [] \ |:; “‘<>,.? /

  1. Not using the well-known words

Using well-known words for others, such as your name, your company name, your date of birth and the famous words have negative impact on your password and its strength so you should choose words which are difficult to guess.

  1. Create more than one password

It is preferred to create different passwords for each account of your accounts and distinguish each of them by different letters or codes.


  1. Make a space as a start of password

Password creation Professionals make a space at the beginning of your password, which helps in difficulty of password encryption decoding.


Due to the importance of password for each account and the necessity of its confidentiality, there are many of the programs that create strong passwords with easy methods to remember it, the most famous of these programs:

  • Password Generator

This program is one of the most important programs which used to create strong passwords that are difficult to be decoded. This program is free and is characterized by its small size (1 MB), it also supports nearly 15 languages and it has the ability to work within all Windows systems.


  • Password Inventor

It is one of free software which used to create a single password or several different passwords and you can keep these passwords through your own files.


  • SecureSafePro Password Generator

This free program can create nearly 100,000 different passwords, as it is characterized by a simple and easy-to-use interface.


  • Quicky Password Generator

This program provides a free service to create unique passwords in length from 4 to 20 by different characters to ensure a strong password.


  • PWGen

This free program is one of the most secure and confidential programs to create a private passwords, it also contains various options for encryption and decryption.

We conclude in the end, the importance of a strong password, and the most important precautions should be taken to provide the greatest of secrecy and insurance against any electronic hacking through password access and some special features of the number of characters and symbols which used in password creation process. As we know the most important programs used to create a strong password by modern technology ways that meet all needs and uses.

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