How to design a logo?
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Many designers think that it is easy to design a successful logo, but the difficulty of this process is in its simplicity. Logo should be simple, easy, expressive and strong at the same time, here is the difficulty. Those are some tips to design a good logo:

  • Color

One of the most important elements to design a unique and creative logo is choosing the color. The color expresses the meaning of the logo and its idea. Sometimes you have to use the brand colors, but other times you are free to choose what you want, you can choose colors that represent the logo in the best way. Always remember the aim of the logo and what it should express.

  • Original and creative

Never try to stimulate other logos or even take repeated ideas; this will weaken your logo. Try to create something unique instead, that express your brand or your main idea.

  • Be unique

Design a logo that is recognizable, ask yourself if it is really unique or someone else used it before? Remember the first thing comes to your mind is mostly common. Try to draw your ideas on the paper before choosing your idea.

  • Everyone like unique typography

Nothing can be compared to unique typography when designing a logo. Creating special typography for your logo represent the brand name in a good way.

  • Be simple

Think about the simple details that can add to your logo, like Apple logo, maybe the shadow of the apple is not unique but that broken piece is what makes the logo unique and unforgettable.

  • Meaningful

Each logo has a story. Your logo should be meaningful even if it has a hidden meaning. It has to be strong as people can remember it.


Most successful logos come from simple ideas, so unleash your imagination, follow the basic rules of designing and add your creative touch as a professional designer.