How to design your website for mobile

All web sites now are creating mobile versions due to the wide spread of mobile phones. The younger generations now spend more time on their smart phones than they do on their laptops. The design of a website for a mobile is definitely different than that for a desktop. Below we present you a few tips for mobile design:

Make your website fast

Mobile web sites do not need heavy content as the users will end up getting bored of waiting and leave the website. Don’t fill your websites with effects and high resolution images that will make it heavy and therefore slower, instead try to use effects that make it fast. Keep page load speed fast as many users may not have Wi-Fi connection so extra effects will make it just heavy and slow.

Use big buttons

While designing, keep in mind that the screen of a mobile is a lot smaller than that of a laptop and therefore the user might find difficulty in pressing on small buttons. Design them large enough to be seen and pressed on by users.

Simplify the design

Avoid heavy formatting and make it as simple as possible. Try to minimize the number of clicks a user is going to have to click on to reach content because more clicks means more loading time.

Use text links

Instead of using menus and dynamic page elements and graphically customized links try using text links. They will make your page lighter and faster.

Minimize the number of links

Make it easy for the user to find the page he’s looking for without having to go through a huge number of pages and links. Try making your website as small and concentrated as possible.

Avoid text entry as possible

Having to text information through a text box to a website through the mobile might result in users getting bored and leaving the site. Try replacing them with radio buttons or check boxes.

When it comes to mobile design, simplicity and usability are the most important. The smart phone user is not looking for a graphically impressive website but simply a website that performs its required functionality without taking too much time. Keep that in mind when you design your next website and your ranking will definitely rise.