How to make your Facebook Page successful

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustrationWith the wide spread of facebook in the Arab region and the vast increase in the number of its users lots of brands have moved to it as they started their own pages to try to reach the highest possible number of new clients and to communicate with the current clients to make sure that they are satisfied and that they will stay with them. If you are an owner of a personal, business or public page we offer you a few tips that could help you to be famous and create a huge base of fans.

Choose a unique and attractive cover picture

Images are the most important factor for attracting audiences on the internet. Make sure to choose an image that attracts followers to your page. Choose a picture with a high quality and clear colors and do not choose a small picture because Facebook will enlarge it and the result will be bad. Choose a picture related to the topic of the page whether it’s a brand or personal page because it is important to choose the image that reminds the audience of your product or service. Make sure of frequently images change so that your followers do not get bored of you posting the same image.

Choose a unique and attractive image for the page

The profile picture is as important as the cover photo, so make sure you make an excellent choice with both of them. The profile picture is the image that will accompany the majority of your posts and will be associated in the minds of your followers with your page which is why it is very important. Try to choose a simple and creative image.

Use apps in your page

Interactivity is the most important thing for your page. So in order to keep your followers with you, offer them services so that they get to interact with you. Add several apps to your page whether apps related to other social media sites or apps related to your product and services.

Create content that increases interactivity

Certain posts encourage people to engage with them such as posts containing questions, or posts linking to other sites or posts asking users to write or post something. Try to encourage your followers to interact with you, this way they will stay with you as long as possible.

Post frequently

Lots of pages reach success and get famous then stop updating the page which results in losing their audience. When a reader follows a page he begins looking for new and updated content and when he does not find it he might leave the page. So make sure your followers stay with you.

The previous tips are a small collection of many other advices related to SEO you should follow to reach success in social media platforms. Success on social media might be a gate to other success, so take care of your online presence and it will lead you to places you have never imagined.