Important Security Plugins for WordPress

Because of the spread of the hackers, it become vital to secure and protect your website, content, and data. Hackers can destroy your data and hack the websites’ users and stole their data. That’s why, it is high time to secure your website. In the following few lines, 4DX will tackle some of WordPress security plugins.

    • iThemes Security

iThemes is one of the firm security plugins that support WordPress. It provides you with everything needed to secure your WordPress. The iThemes is characterized by having a security check, configure settings that secure functions, 404 detection to block users who spy around the web pages, local brute force protection to secure the website against the hackers, database backups, file change detection, and configure using SSL to ensure the security between the browsers and the server.

    • Captcha

Captcha is another vital anti-spam method to WordPress especially for comments, registration, and password. Captcha is characterized by having an admin panel configuration, WooCommerce compatible, BuddyPress compatible, WAI accessibility validation, and limit submission time for separate forms.

    • Infinite

Infinite WordPress security is another important security plugin for your WordPress website. Infinite is characterized by having a self-host system and a backup to restore your site.


Security plugins are made for protecting your websites. So, search well for the most suitable one for you and save your website from the hackers.