Introduction to (HTML)
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We daily browsing various websites and many interested persons look to see how to design these sites and (HTML) is one of the solutions to learn how to design a site in an easy way.
(HTML) abbreviation refers to some words (HyperText Markup Language) and this language is considered the parent language for sites design for ease of study and distancing from complex systems.

(HTML) Advantages

• It doesn’t need to know programming languages and different codes.
• It can be used on any device and any operating system.
• It can include images and multimedia with written texts in different pages.
• It has the ability to be edited and updated at any time.
• It enables users to make tables and put the data consistently.

HTML needs

1. Wordpad program.
2. Network browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.
3. Knowledge of HTML commands which used for design (TAGs).

HTML file

HTML file consists of two main parts

1. Head
This section includes all the information on the page, such as the definition and title which shown on the title bar. You can design this part by usingtag.

2. Body
This part includes the page content, such as text, images and tables; you can design this part by usingtag.

How to design a Web page

We will now present simple steps to design HTML Web page

1. Open Wordpad program.


2. Type the text within the page as follows.


3. Save the file (Save As) and use .html extension.


4. Notice icon of file, it has taken the form of Internet file.


5. Open the file, you’ll find internet window.


Seen from the above Title appears in the title bar “4DX”, this was done by usingtag in head part and we find the emergence of content “Welcome!” as a body of the page by usingtag.

(HTML) Tags

There are two types of used Tags:
1. container Tags
These Tags require to put content between opening tag “<>” and Closing tag “</>”.

2. Empty Tags
These Tags do not require closing tag to execute it for the content.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the easiest used languages to design web pages due to the many advantages and you can simple web page by the previous simple steps you can also identify the most important tags.
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