Keywords for SEO
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If you have an online website, one of your goals will be making your website Google’s best friend, because one of the factors to have a successful website is to make your website be between the first results appear on Google when users search for something that your website could offer, not this but to increase the traffic of your websites users too. That’s SEO process in its simple definition. But this requires greater effort to make Google trust your website.

Effective keywords

The secret behind a perfect performance of SEO is to choose effective keywords, those words users write on search engines when searching for results and websites related to those words. If you could use those words effectively you may attract millions of visitors to your website. What matters most is to know the words the users write and how to have it through your website content.

Define your users

First you have to define your target to be able to know your target audiences. To know the important words for your users, act as a user and search for the keywords which he may use. Through this process you will be able to know the most important keywords that the visitors use. After this go through filtration process for the results to have the most important keywords.

Analyze keywords

You can also analyze those words and know how many users search for those words approximately. Moreover you have to analyze the content of competitors’ websites and how they use the keywords in their websites. Through using those customized keywords in your website’s content this will help put you website in a higher rank through Google results.

Keywords is not everything

Despite of the keywords importance in SEO process, you can’t rely on it completely. Content is the king as we mentioned many times before, your website will not be able to reserve a place between high ranked websites on Google without users’ trust, and this will not happen without an amazing content. Use the keywords through your content and make them consistent.

Keyword planner tool  

Google created a tool called “keyword planner” to help you choose the best keywords, define what are the keywords users search the most, how many users search for those words, plus the accurate statistics about those words. It is a specialized tool.


Keywords may be your key to pass your website to millions of users, just if you use it perfectly, but it will not help you if you don’t have a good content which attracts Google to higher your website rank.