Know More About Alexa Website
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Alexa is an international website that provides a ranking system which traffics, observes, and analyzes the websites’ visits. It also enables the users to add their websites in order to get a rank on it. However, there’s a small condition to rank your website, it is that Alexa can just analyze the recorded visits for the visitors who installed Alexa toolbar on their devices. So, you need to urge your visitors to have it on their toolbar.

What is the Importance of Alexa?

Getting a rank for the website, of course, is an important thing as it makes the web owners able to assess their websites. Also, in such international website if you’re getting a good rank, the number of your website visitors will definitely get increased.

Another advantage of Alexa is that it has a “comparison section” for websites. It allows you to add the URL of your competitors and search for their rank. Therefore, you can compare the results with yours.

How to improve Your Alexa Rank?

  1. Content is the king. So, you need to produce an original, attractive, and useful content to increase the visitors for your websites,
  2. Search for the suitable Keywords which are searchable by the audience and use it in your content,
  3. Make an SEO strategy for your website and improve your user experience.


Alexa Rank helps you to know how your website is doing in compare to all other websites. So, increasing the visitors of your site will make you able to get an advanced ranking number “which is good” in Alexa.