Develop PHP websites easily

If you are a developer or seeking to learn web development, we would like to introduce you to one of the easiest way to develop great web applications in a very easy way. Laravel is a web application framework that is free and open source. Web application frameworks are programs that help in developing web sites and web applications. Laravel was chosen as the most popular PHP framework according to a survey in 2013.

How it works

Laravel works according to the MVC pattern which stands for (Model – View – Controller). The MVC is a software architectural pattern that is based on dividing any application to three major parts; the first part is the model which manages the data that is inserted to the application, the logic of the application and the rules of the application. The second part is the view and this part views the outputs of the application to the user. The third part is the controller and this part is the one that receives the inputs of the application and transforms them into templates to be viewed or orders to the Model.

Taylor Otwell created Laravel and released the first version of it in 2011 and then a few months later he released another version containing more features.

Laravel helps you to develop for web easily with no obstacles, as it does not require you to download anything extra, just as you download it you can start installing it and begin to develop. Laravel comes with all the plugins or applications you might need already installed in it. Laravel’s official site offers you lots of tutorials that help you begin using it.

Laravel advantages

-The code is easily read because of its eloquent writing.

-The ability of downloading composer packages that contain the features you need.

-Routing is a lot better than other frameworks.

-User authentication is a lot easier in Laravel.

-Laravel provides you with database seeding.


These advantages and many others have made laravel the most popular framework for many PHP developers. You can get to know it better by downloading it from the official site and trying to develop using it.