How to Make The Best Facebook Post

Facebook is the leading social platform for people of all ages to share their lives with everyone. It is also a haven for online marketers and top brands alike to advertise their products and get the relevant audience interested in purchasing their products.

Companies now have their own Facebook pages and communities where they promote their products as well as introduce promotions and interact with their customers. They actively post on their page daily and try to reach as much people as they can.

However, this has become difficult lately when Facebook revised its policy in 2015 to limit the audience reach of organic posts and push the users towards paid posts. This in turn has made online marketers find new ways to create the best Facebook post that attracts the audience and tempts them to share the post with others thereby increasing the overall engagement and reach of that post. Here are some simple ways in which you can make the best Facebook post.

Tip # 1: Go For Visuals (Photo & Video)

Research has shown that audience is more receptive to visuals than texts and including a photograph or video can dramatically increase the interest of the audience. Videos are considered to be the second most engaging content on Facebook with an average of 2000 + engagements per post.

Tip # 2: Minimize Your Text

Try to say more in fewer words is the key to getting an audience interested. Ideally, the length of the post should not exceed 140 characters and for Facebook it is recommended to keep it under 100 words. Research shows the highest engagement in posts that have 50-99 characters.

Tip # 3: Portray What You Feel

Portraying your feelings and emotions is actually quite easy especially on Facebook through the use of emoticons. Moreover research suggests that there is an approximate 35% increase in engagement and sharing of posts that have emoticons.

Tip # 4: Put Up A Question

The single easiest way to increase engagement is to ask your audience a question. People are curious by nature and want to answer. Plus, they like to share questions with their friends to get their opinions. It helps you start a dialogue.

Tip # 5: Post At The Right Time

‘Facebook Insights’ is advanced analytics tool which can help you decide which time is best for you to post and reach your relevant audience. Posting during these times can get you the maximum post reach and offer you the highest reward with respect to page engagement.

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Engaging the audience on Facebook has become a daunting task because of the increasingly dynamic preferences of the audience and that is why you need to follow certain steps to ensure that your post is good and attracts the audience. Your post must have visuals, minimum texts, questions and the time you publish your posts. All of these can help you create the best post for your Facebook page.