How to be a mobile application programmer?

How to be a professional mobile application programmer? The answer is easy; it’s all about good knowledge of programming and development tools and by the help of professionals or through the internet, those are the basics to be a professional programmer. You have to choose first between mobile application programming and personal computers programming. Our topic will be about mobile application programming.

First you have to start using your mobile differently, you have to download a lot of apps on your mobile not only because you need them but also to study those topics, discover how they work, and study their weakness and strength points as a user, so after a while you will have a point of view that will help.

After that start planning for your first application’s idea and work on it. Of course you will choose a simple idea at the beginning, after that determine which mobile system you will design this application for, for example if you will apply this for an android system you have to search on the internet about the programming packages to develop android programs, there are a lot but  how to choose? Choose through comparing between them, which has best features and which is for free, and what are the reviews about each of them. Then download it on your computer and search for an online educational material, books, educational videos…etc.

There are a lot of used programming languages, but some programming languages are recommended to be learnt at the beginning:

Java language

One of the most common used languages as it’s easy to deal with and easy to learn with a lot of videos and educational material about it available online.

Ruby language

it’s easy and simple, anyone could deal with it and learn it even if you are not a programmer.

Python language

One of the famous programming languages, which is easy and flexible. It is considered to be an open door for each beginner.

C language

It’s called “the mother language” as it is used on large scale and can be developed easily, it is considered to be the base for all languages.

C++ language

It’s the developed version of C language; it has a lot of advantages that help in developing a lot of applications. It proofed its efficiency in all the applications and programs, including games.
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Mobile application development has an increasing trend lately and many people are becoming mobile application developers to develop application both in Android and iOS. For becoming a mobile application developer a person needs to master some programming languages like Java, Runy, Python, C, C++ and others. Once they master these languages they can become a professional mobile application developer