Mysterious Methods to Get Best Results from Google

There’s no doubt that everybody, company, and organization, use Google search engine daily for getting results about anything they might need.

But can we deny that sometimes we need to search for a specific song, book, or recipe, etc that we can’t remember? I believe that all of us have gone through such situation and wait for Google to do a magic role.

That’s why 4DGraphix, decided to present some new ways of search that 96% of people don’t know about.

  1. The “AROUND” way:
    Occasionally we stuck in searching for a specific object “song or a certain phrase” but we just remember few words of it. The “AROUND” technique is the solution for such stance. So, all you’ve to do is to dig in and type the first and last words you remember of such phrase and in between type  “AROUND+(the estimated number of missing words)”.
  2. The Power of “-“ Symbol:
    Whenever you search for something via Google it shows everything related to it. So, in order to prevent specific results from appearing, you can use the magic minus symbol. For instance, if you want to view the winter clothes but you’re not aiming to buy it now, you can type “winter clothes -buy”.
  3. Finding Websites Provide the Same Products:
    Now let’s say that you want to find websites that provide the same services or products as Zara, Google enables you to type “” phrase in the search place and all the related websites will pop up.
  4. Get Results as You Typed it:
    You frequently get a lot of needless results as soon as you type in a whole phrase such as “I want to travel the world”, as the search engine shows every page that contains every single word of your phrase. So, in order to get results with your specific order as you typed the phrase, you can put it in quotation marks such like that “I want to travel the world”.


Google surprises us every while. However, stay tuned for the following articles for more of Google’s magical search methods.