Promote your Business Professionally via LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t only a site that can be used in finding a new career and creating an online resume. Actually, it can do much more. For Instance, you can use it to professionally promote your business, create a company profile, participate, and more.

In the following, 4DGraphix will present smart ways to use LinkedIn in promoting your business.

  1. Create a Company Page/Profile: It allows you to add information about your company. It also makes you able to create a homepage for the products and services that you offer. Furthermore, you can add a (contact us) section,
  2. Engage in Discussions: Be there, be active, and be visible, be a member in many groups and participate in it, get in touch with people in real discussions, and add your signature to appear with your company name and photo in your discussions,
  3. Create a Group: make it easy for your clients to ask, discuss, and debate over your company brand. It’s the first step in the process of being memorable,
  4. Launch your Campaign: Just like the Facebook ads, you can target your audience based on their locations, ages, jobs, interests, and gender. Also, LinkedIn allows you to create easy and effective ads.


Learn how to use LinkedIn professionally and know more about its features and tools in order to increase your traffic and show your business up in the search engines.