Reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate

Briefly, the bounce rate is the rate of the single-page visitors (or the visitors of the website in general) who bounce your website after viewing only one page without clicking on any other thing on that page. Why people do this? Well, they do this for some reasons.

In the following, 4DGraphix will tackle those reasons and how to avoid the bounce rate.

Reasons of Bounce Rate Increment

    1. Poor/Boring content,
    2. Difficult to use,
    3. Not helpful/interested.

How to Decrease your Bounce Rate?

  1. Content is the king. That’s why you need to provide your visitors with good, clear, catchy, and interesting content. Attach it with attractive images and design, make it to the point, and provide a clear call to action,
  2. Use a good, easy to navigate, and simple layout design. Distribute the content in sections, and make the search section visible,
  3. Attract the intended and targeted audience, add relevant keywords within your content, and write catchy meta-descriptions,
  4. Blog occupies about 70-98% of the benchmark averages of bounce rate which means that you need to add daily unique articles into your blog,
  5. Make your website a responsive one for both desktop and mobile devices users.


By applying the steps that we’ve tackled above, we assure you to decrease your bounce rate significantly.