Risks of too many URL structure changes regarding SEO
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The structuring of URL Structure is the backbone of any website and the process of changing this structure must be for necessity only as the multiplicity of this process may cause damage and risks to SEO by missing your website ranking in different search pages.


Negative impact on SEO ranking


Any simple change in URL website affects on its ranking in the search engines and search results pages of so good investigation should be done when making the process of change, where the multi-change lead to a repetition of content and messy appearance of the website result in a declining ranking.


Fewer followers


Followers get used to access the Website by clicking on some links and when you change the website URL these links become disabled (Dead links), which loses the site of many visitors and followers.


Lack of precision in URL selection


Choose a new URL without study may cost you a lot. Sometimes choose new URL requires payment of specific penalties to search engines and the old URL already gained as much as enough of confidence.



There are several risks of too many URL structure changes regarding SEO for any website so it should only change when necessary to avoid many losses.
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