SEO Basics

Recently SEO got really popular, and due to our concern in providing you with the latest in all fields, we present you here a small introduction of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process with the objective of increasing the viewers and visitors of any site or page on the internet and in order to achieve this people working in this field use lots of methods in order to improve the website, change it and improve its ranking in the most important search engines.

Why Do I need SEO?

The number of visitors who you have and the time wich they stay on your website determines your site traffic, and the traffic determines your market value. Whether you are a brand owner and would like to market your products to new audiences, a writer who would like to spread his writings to wider audiences or an artist wishing to promote your art work, the traffic is very important to your site.
At the present time, the internet has become an essential part of the daily life routine for lots of people and this resulted in huge changes. Now, the majority of companies and enterprises would like to be on the internet. The presence of various businesses on the internet with the purpose of promoting their services resulted into a rising competition between different websites, at this point SEO helps you as it increases your site visibility and gives you high ranking. Search engines are the most important in reaching audiences followed by social networks. The majority of search engines users tend to visit only the top results that appear to them and ignore the rest which is why the ranking of your website is very important to reaching your targeted audience.

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engines such as google use things called “crawlers” to search the entire internet and find stored pages on the web through their links.
In order to make your page visible for these crawlers you must write your important content in the HTML text format. By using services such as google cache you can find out which parts of your site are visible to the search engine and which are not.
It’s also important to design the website in a way that provides links to all pages so that the crawlers can reach them.
It’s also fundamental to use keywords because search engines rely on them heavily while searching for websites and while presenting results to users.
SEO uses the previously mentioned methods and many others to make the page more visible to the search engine and to guarantee that the targeted user will reach the page and will return frequently.


This is a brief description of SEO but of course this field is full of other interesting details which you can find out when reading specialized material.