SEO Interview Q&A – Part 2
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In a previous article 4DGraphix has tackled some questions of the SEO interview and as promised we have brought فخ you the rest of these common questions and answers.

So, keep the following lines in mind if you want to be aware of the most asked questions by SEO interviewer.

Q1- What is Google Sandbox?

A1- It’s a filter that is applied by Google on the new websites to make sure that they’re not manipulating the content, the images, or the URL, etc.

Q2- Tell me the differences between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO?

A2- Well.. On-Page SEO means that you’re optimizing and making some changes to your website and such modifications got applied on the title, the quality of the content, the keywords, and the website structure, etc.

As for the Off Page SEO, it means optimizing the content itself, the social networks, and the backlinks, etc.

Q3- What is meant by cloaking?

A3- Cloaking is a technique that works on presenting different web page and content for the user from the one that is presented for the search engine spiders.

Q4- What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?

A4- Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who left a specific page on your website just after visiting it, while the exit rate is the percentage of users who left the website itself after visiting a specific page on it.


The previous questions and answers will definitely help you in your SEO interview. So, study it well and go get that job.