SEO Tools
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  • Google analytics

Google enables you through this tool to know everything about the users. You can know how many users visit your website, what pages are more viewed than the other, and how long the users browse your website. In addition to that you can discover how the user knows about your website and how he uses the website in general. This is a free tool offered by Google to be able to analyze the visits to your website and improve it.

  • Google web master tool

This tool helps you discover the problems in your website like indexing, or whether your website has a penalty from Google or not. You can also follow back-links. You can also know how your website appear on smart phones, and how can you improve your website performance to be applicable on smart phones. Websites that are applicable on smart phones are better than other websites that cannot be applied on smart phones; this will be an important factor when Google evaluate your website.

  • Keyword planner tool

This tool from Google ad words allows you to know how many users search for specific keywords monthly and who your competitors who try to take these words. You can write down only one word and it will suggest other related words.

  • Moz

This website helps you prepare your website for search engines and discovering what’s wrong in your website. You can also monitor how your website acts on social media. Keyword difficulty tool is an amazing tool in this website that can help you measure to what extend it is hard to compete for specific keyword, and who are your competitors, so you can analyze strengths and weaknesses in other websites to improve yours.


Through those tools you will be able to control your website, analyzing the results and comparing to other websites in order to put your website on the top of the search engines ‘list.