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Applying your website on the smart phones has become a necessity and not a choice, especially when the train of technology doesn’t even stop, and the competition between mobile applications and web developers to present the best service to the user became at its top, so to create a website for the smart phones became one of the top factors which your website is evaluated. But it is not only about having a responsive website that user can browse from any platform, but it’s a special web design for the smart phones depending on principles and steps like the original website but with some rules that are proper for mobiles and their users.

Basic Steps

  • The design should be simple, not crowded and includes the basics.
  • The content should be simple and short, as the smart phone user search for specific things and if he couldn’t find what he wants he will leave your website.
  • The website should be responsive and with high speed so the user can navigate between pages easily.
  • The font and the typography should be obvious so the user can click on them or read them.
  • The home page is responsible for the first impression; the smart phones users don’t have a lot of time so your website home page should include the important points only without too much details or graphics.
  • The dragging menus should be short with obvious font so the user can click easily and choose what he wants.
  • Make it easy to go back to the home page of the user browses another page.
  • Put the basic details first, for example if your website is about a restaurant, you have to put the contacts, the address and the menu in the beginning of the website.
  • The forms should be easy and divided, it should save the data which the user enters before and use it when needed, error messages only when the user don’t enter specific basic data like the name and the email.
  • In general you should leave spaces between words and links so the user can click on links easily, and if the website enables the user to choose from different items it would be categorized well.

When designing a website for the smart phone you have to put yourself in the user’s shoes so you can discover the problems that the user faces when browsing your website, this will serve your website’s goal so it can reach a lot of users.


With simple design and highlighted details you can create a responsive website on the smart phones, define what the most important details should be included by your website to get many visitors for it.