Static Websites Vs. Dynamic Websites
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Websites today are a key component for the success of any business by offering specific content over the Internet to get the largest number of followers and customers, but there are two types of used websites which are static websites and dynamic websites. The selection between them depends on business requirements. Below we’ll show the main differences between the two types and uses of each.


Static websites

Static websites can be defined as fixed sites contain static pages with specific content which not be changed by any person or according to a database and if you want to update the content or add new content to these sites you have to ask developer again to edit pages by using the appropriate language (EX. HTML).


Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites are most commonly used where it can be developed by using multiple languages such as XHTML, CSS, and PHP in addition to supporting databases by using MySQL. Most important characteristic of Dynamic websites is the ability to change content at any time and adding without having to return to the developer.


There is a difference between Static websites and Dynamic websites. We see this as a clear difference through two types management as Static websites contains cannot be managed or modified but require a return to the developer to edit and add while Dynamic websites can be easily changed or edited through simple steps.