Steps to Create your Online Website

Nowadays, it is vital to have an online website to be capable of reaching your customer, presenting your products and services, or even telling the world that you are here.

The following steps will guide you to build your online website:

1- Get a Domain Name

At first glance, having a domain name is the first thing that you need to do before anything else to have an online website. Simply, domain name is the URL that people can type in their browsers to be able to reach you and your website. It provides a valuable branding to your business, that’s why it is necessary to choose it carefully.

2- Choose a web hosting company

As you need to rent a premise to your business, you also need to “web host” to your website so that other users around the world can reach you and access your website. However, there are types of web hosting companies, you can choose of them to go with regarding the needed bandwidth, operation system, security, programming language support, and backup recovery. Moreover, there are two types of web hosting companies; free hosting providers and paid ones.

3- Plan and design the website

This is the most crucial step to have a website. As you have to be totally precise and accurate while deciding the design of the web as you have to know and answer more than one question first; like, knowing your targeted audience and their needs, and how your users will move around the website (navigation design and creating a sitemap). Also, it is important to make a good utilization of using content and images, as content is the king who rules. The success of the website relies mainly on the quality of the content and how it displayed rightly.

4- Test and publish the website

You will need to test your website as you design it in the major browsers: Chrome and Firefox to make sure that the website is displayed correctly as you designed it. Then, come the publishing process of the website and getting the pages online through the standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software.


It is important to have a website as an online platform to tell more about yourself and your services or products.