Tips for designers to satisfy client
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Client thinks differently  from designer where the customer draw imaginations which may be far from reality sometimes and this requires the designer to be able to accommodate the wishes of the client and using them to get the best design. There are several tips designer can follow to satisfy the customer and keep his confidence.

Discover the customer’s desire and aspirations

It’s recommended to ask the client more than once for his aspirations and the client can also suggest some designs that he liked before to get the right design.


Develop initial designs

It’s preferable to develop initial designs and presentation of your previous work before the design process to avoid many collisions with the client to complete the design ASAP.


Present number of ideas

Client needs to have several options through which they can choose the perfect design and the set of examples shows him how designer interested in the new design and has continuously innovation.

Attention to details

The client might be interested in a few details but the designer sees things obvious and in this case must clarify all the details to the client and deliver information in the simplest way.


Deadlines consideration

Meeting deadlines make the client trust the designer, so you have to organize your time well and deliver designs on time, this gives a great opportunity to update or add to the design according to the desire of the client.

Periodic follow-up

Keep in touch with the client and following-up are the most important characteristics of a successful designer so the designer should keep constant communication with the customer and accept the criticism also to learn the errors and recover it later


Design process requires discovering the client’s ideas and perceptions which requires the designer to follow a few tips to get to the desired results and the acquisition of sufficient experience to get confidence of the client to expand the work cycle through the successful designs and customer satisfaction.