Top Tips for WordPress Template Design
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WordPress program is one of the most important programs that is used in web designing; due to being a totally easy-usage program while designing templates for many different purposes. Despite being an easy-usage program, there are some tips that shall be taken into consideration to make this module a good platform to have a suitable content for the website.

Use of Pen and Paper before Embark Designing

Setting and drawing the overall outline of the design before starting, helps you to reach the best design. Brain storming the outline helps you to free your mind and imagining all the available designs. Besides, showing the differences between them to be able to compare among them to get the best design. Then, start designing the module through using the WordPress program.

Create Separate Pages

While using WordPress, it is preferred to create separate sub-pages according to the content of the website, then linking it to the main pages. This way is an easy way that eases adding and creating new pages, editing the existing ones or deleting them; if necessary.

Friendly Pages

Friendly pages are considered as one of the main characteristics of having a successful design of WordPress templates. It can be applied through the usage of clear headings, simple navigation options and directions to surf among the pages which increases the rate of engagement and visits for the website. Also, it allows the users to participate whether by commenting, sending messages, or via the contact information which is provided in the website.


When the web designer finishes the design of WordPress templates, these templates or designs shall be tested through a number of clients to test how the design is responsive and successful one. Also through these tests, the designers can find errors and try to fix it before constructing the whole website and publishing it over the various search engines.


WordPress template design is characterized by simplicity. It has the possibility of creating many pages easily. But it requires knowing few tips to reach professionalism in designing and having a good interface of the website over the various search engines results.

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